The vbs tools - vbs_ls, vbs_rm, vbs_fs - for listing, removing and mounting vbs and Mark6 format scattered VLBI recordings on FlexBuff and Mark6 systems
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// Wrapper class around POSIX regex, imported from pcint
#include <ezexcept.h>
#include <sys/types.h>
#include <regex.h>
#include <string>
#include <vector>
// wrapper around regmatch_t which
// allows to give it some extra functionality
struct pcintregmatch_t:
// creates invalid one
// init with a given regmatch
pcintregmatch_t( const ::regmatch_t& rm );
// this'un valid?
// regex(3) sais that an invalid
// regmatch has -1 for both offsets
operator bool() const;
// matchresult holds a vector
// of matches. Size <> 0 indicates
// a successfull match
// Size >1 implies possible matchgroups
// Not all matchgroups are required to be valid
struct matchresult {
typedef std::vector<pcintregmatch_t> matchvec_t;
// empty matchresult
// fully construct, a list of matches (possibly
// empty) AND a pointer to the original string
matchresult( const matchvec_t& mv, const char* os );
matchresult( const matchvec_t& mv, const std::string& os );
// implement operator bool
// which tells the truthiness
// of the matchresult
operator bool() const;
// return the m'th regmatch.
// Most likely use:
// matchresult m = rx.match(<some string>);
// if( m[1] )
// cout << "matchgroup 1=" << m.matchgroup(1) << endl;
matchvec_t::value_type operator[]( unsigned int m ) const;
// nice.. operator overloading :)
std::string operator[]( const matchvec_t::value_type& m ) const;
// snip the indicated match out of
// the original string.
// string interface, caller doesn't
// have to do, the
std::string group( unsigned int m ) const;
// our attributes
matchvec_t __matches;
std::string __org_string;
// A generic regex....
class Regular_Expression
friend bool operator==( const char* tocheck, const Regular_Expression& against );
friend bool operator!=( const char* tocheck, const Regular_Expression& against );
friend bool operator==( const std::string& s, const Regular_Expression& against );
friend bool operator!=( const std::string& s, const Regular_Expression& against );
// Create from a pattern,
// note that one match for the whole pattern will be returned in matches()[0]
// so maxmatch should be at least <number of expectect matches> + 1
Regular_Expression( const char* pattern, int flags=REG_EXTENDED );
Regular_Expression( const std::string& pattern, int flags=REG_EXTENDED );
// match the string 's' against this RX
matchresult matches( const char* s ) const;
matchresult matches( const std::string& s ) const;
// Return the pattern
std::string pattern( void ) const;
// Delete all allocated stuff
// Our private parts
char* myOriginalPattern;
regex_t myCompiledExpression;
::regmatch_t* mySubexprs;
// Prohibit these
Regular_Expression( const Regular_Expression& );
Regular_Expression& operator=( const Regular_Expression& );