Locally maintained version of the FieldSystem VEX parser as separate project
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Stand-alone version of the official VEX parser.

Uses cmake to figure out your system and create makefiles. Needs bison, flex and a C compiler.

In the following, assume ${MYVEX} expands to the directory where this file (README.md) is located. Thus ${MYVEX}/README.md == the file you’re now reading.

Create a directory where you will build for the desired system + installation location:

$> mkdir /path/to/build
$> cd /path/to/build

Now ask cmake to set up, passing in options a la cmake ("-DXXX=YYYY”):

$> cmake -DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX=/myvex/install/dir ${MYVEX}

If your system is all ok, you can now do:

$> make

to build the system, or, when feeling bold:

$> make install

to build+install in one go.

make install will install the following files:

           ...                     /vex++.h (for C++ code)
           ...                     /vex_parser.h