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  haavee e09d4c3be0 More subtle SafeCompare() 8 months ago
  haavee 1cef4cf5c3 diameter can be None 8 months ago
  haavee f28a091526 Documentation 8 months ago
  haavee 50783498c0 Inital README.md 8 months ago
  haavee 16faa5c925 Py2/Py3 compatibility 8 months ago
  haavee de75d7ebc4 More compressed output! 8 months ago
  haavee 18fa4132a4 Prettified output for list and diff 8 months ago
  haavee aa114d1654 Help msg fix, IDI high freq fix, remove rubbish 8 months ago
  haavee 21f27f076a Add meta-data comparison tool 8 months ago
  haavee 035aa10d42 Be consistent with other tools 1 year ago
  haavee 5354203f87 Script to fix UVF files 1 year ago
  haavee 928d2983f3 Remove unnecessary global function(s) 2 years ago
  haavee 1d929a4305 Fix bug accumulating > 1 FITS-IDI chunks and more 2 years ago
  haavee 9950677ff3 Can now do multi-ms, multi-IDI compare 2 years ago
  haavee 141fc74a59 Initial version of MS<->IDI comparison tool 2 years ago
  haavee 7764e53b36 Import the multi-part IDI file checker 2 years ago