Collection of scripts and small programs used by the EVN Support Scientists at JIVE during the regular data processing of EVN observations.
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#! /bin/zsh
# Three parameters are expected:
# - The experiment name (case insensitive).
# - The reference station to use in standardplots.
# - The calibrators to use in standardplots.
# This script should be run from the experiment folder.
if [[ ! ( -n $1 && -n $2 && -n $3 ) ]];then
echo "Three parameters are required:"
echo " - experiment name (case insensitive)."
echo " - Reference station to be used for the plots."
echo " - Calibrators to be used for the plots."
echo $exp
echo $EXP
# Create the lis file from ccs
ssh jops@ccs "/ccs/expr/${EXP};make_lis -e ${EXP} -p prod -s ${exp}.lis"
scp jops@ccs:/ccs/expr/${EXP}/${exp}.vix ./${exp}.vix
scp jops@ccs:/ccs/expr/${EXP}/${exp}.lis ./${exp}.lis
scp jops@jop83:piletters/${exp}.piletter .
scp jops@jop83:piletters/${exp}.expsum .
ln -s ${exp}.vix ${EXP}.vix
checklis ${exp}.lis
read -q "REPLY?Are you happy with this lis file? (y/n) "
if [[ ! $REPLY == 'y' ]];then
echo '\n' -proj ${EXP} -lis ${exp}.lis
j2ms2 -v ${exp}.lis
standardplots -weight ${exp}.ms $2 $3