Collection of scripts and small programs used by the EVN Support Scientists at JIVE during the regular data processing of EVN observations.
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Subject: Dear PI: Pipeline Analysis of {expname}
Dear PI,
We have automatically pipelined your EVN/Global VLBI experiment: {expname}.
The credentials for accessing the data are:
username: {username}
password: {password}
Please visit our web pages:
which provide different indexing schemes to find you experiment,
in order to download:
(i) Sets of antab/flagging files used by the pipeline and resulting
calibration tables (in FITS format). These can be downloaded and
directly applied to the data on the EVN archive.
(ii) A series of plots produced by the pipeline (pdf format), which should
be useful in assessing the antenna performance and data quality.
(iii) A history file associated with the data processed by the pipeline
and a summary of what the CL/SN tables contain (text format both).
Note: The pipeline uses AIPS versions 31DEC13. The latest version
of the pipeline script is written in Python and uses ParselTongue
to access the AIPS tasks. Visit the web page above for more details.
The pipeline is under continual development and any feedback is
appreciated. Background information to the pipeline can be found at
If you have any feedback regarding this service please direct your comments to:
Zsolt Paragi (
Clear skies,