Updated antabfs_nominal

Benito Marcote 4 years ago
parent 3e4bcce712
commit d9ec478419
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@ -6,11 +6,12 @@ It takes the nominal SEFD values from the sefd_values.txt table and generates an
these values. Gains will be set to 1/SEFD, and all Tsys to 1.0.
Note that it will overwrite any existing ANTAB file in the current path.
Version: 4.2
Date: June 2018
Version: 4.3
Date: Sep 2018
Author: Benito Marcote (marcote@jive.eu) & Jay Blanchard (blanchard@jive.eu)
version 4.3 changes
- Fixed issue when giving SEFD, not ignores that antenna may not be in status table
version 4.2 changes
- Explicit error if antenna or freq. is not known
version 4.1 changes
@ -71,6 +72,10 @@ def read_sefd_table(tablename='sefd_values.txt'):
def read_sefd_values(table, antenna, band):
if args.sefd is not None:
# Then no need of getting the information from the table
return args.sefd
if antenna not in table:
print('ERROR: {} is not available.\n'.format(antenna))
print('The available antennas are: {}'.format(' '.join(table.keys())))