Collection of scripts and small programs used by the EVN Support Scientists at JIVE during the regular data processing of EVN observations.
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import sys, os
import datetime as dt
if len(sys.argv) < 3:
print('Modifies an ANTAB file to write more Tsys values when the time separation between them is too long.\n')
print(' antabfile timeinterval\n')
print(' - antabfile: the antabfs file to modify (it will be replaced)')
print(' - timeinterval: interval (in seconds) between Tsys that you wish')
filepath = sys.argv[1]
timeinterval = dt.timedelta(seconds=int(sys.argv[2]))
thefile = open(filepath, 'r+')
newfile = open(filepath+'.tmp', 'wt')
lines = thefile.readlines()
# Remove comments
lines = [aline for aline in lines if aline[0] != '!']
def gettime(antabline):
aline_array = antabline.split()
intime_doy = aline_array[0]
intime_hhmm, intime_ss = aline_array[1].split('.')
intime_ss = float('0.'+intime_ss)*60
intime = ' '.join([intime_doy, '{}:{}'.format(intime_hhmm, int(intime_ss))])
return dt.datetime.strptime(intime, '%j %H:%M:%S')
for index,aline in enumerate(lines):
if aline[0].isdigit():
# Then this line is a Tsys input
if lines[index+1][0].isdigit():
# If it is not the last line append new lines
time1 = gettime(aline)
time2 = gettime(lines[index+1])
# Interpolate lines
timei = time1 + timeinterval
while timei < time2:
newline = aline.split()
newline[0] = timei.strftime('%j')
newline[1] = timei.strftime('%H:%M') + '.' + str(int(timei.second/.6))
# For now, we just duplicate the Tsys values at time1 until time2.
newfile.write(' '.join(newline)+'\n')
timei += timeinterval
# Then is a line containing information or a comment or... NO a Tsys mesurement
os.rename(filepath+'.tmp', filepath)
print('The antab file was updated.')