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  Benito Marcote 4b96e35117 Ww 13-cm capabilities added 1 month ago
  Benito Marcote 4690a252fb Updated K-band SEFDs for eMERLIN telescopes 1 month ago
  Benito Marcote ac70b9f84e L-band SEFD from O8 updated 1 month ago
  Benito Marcote f225d17976 KVN and VERA max datarates updated 1 month ago
  Benito Marcote 08cddf29ea LBA at 2.5 cm (12 GHz) addition 1 month ago
  Benito Marcote 9b06d52076 VERA and KaVA added (stations and network) 1 month ago
  Benito Marcote df0b8d8a31 Removing ARO12m from default EHT (wrong commit) 4 months ago
  Benito Marcote ff9866b82b Including ARO12m in default EHT 4 months ago
  Benito Marcote 23de3bfd57 New Station: ARO (Kitt Peak) 12m RT for EHT 4 months ago
  Benito Marcote 8b4ea772a6 Updated SEFD from GLT (3mm and now 1mm too) 4 months ago
  Benito Marcote b79bca8686 Arecibo 12-m, SKA MID/MeerKAT single-dish added 4 months ago
  Benito Marcote 2ab4aa723a Dirty image, and test AO12m 4 months ago
  Benito Marcote 40b0a3b5c9 Networks defined in an external file now 4 months ago
  Benito Marcote ec7d4c0dae Fix default data rate in EVN+other selection 4 months ago
  Benito Marcote f8d2b9f48d Full transition to Material Design (except doc) 4 months ago
  Benito Marcote 1a2d9d5366 I put Sc,Hn back with 3mm. It was originally fine 6 months ago
  Benito Marcote 082ef8228e Fixing the GMVA (thanks to Thomas) 6 months ago
  Benito Marcote f7cf1a9568 Placed decommissioned antennas like Ar :-( 6 months ago
  Benito Marcote 41a037eecc New left column always visible 7 months ago
  Benito Marcote c2bb776d4f Kunming SEFD updated at 5 and 6 cm. 8 months ago
  Benito Marcote 564a09d390 Adding SEFDs at U band in the VLBAs 8 months ago
  Benito Marcote 692c74f423 Data files moved to importlib. functions.py gone 9 months ago
  Benito Marcote f4e117c130 real_time into station catalog. Removing old code 9 months ago
  Benito Marcote dc1222878c Tooltip on stations from checklist 11 months ago
  Benito Marcote 26c199a359 Fixed position of SKA-MID 1 year ago
  Benito Marcote 8c7f17aafe Diameters added to stations data 1 year ago
  Benito Marcote 67d28dc782 New station file structure. Doc with all antennas 1 year ago
  Benito Marcote 8a6fba4474 Updated Dw entry 1 year ago
  Benito Marcote ac1ded6da1 Bugs fixed and Ant.pos updated 1 year ago
  Benito Marcote 4621f48c17 First major release 1 year ago
  Benito Marcote d3d177271c Fix bad char in station.txt 1 year ago
  Benito Marcote 34cbcc68a1 All ants. uv-plot added 1 year ago
  Benito Marcote bc83979ad8 Making a local copy of IERS 1 year ago
  Benito Marcote 4c20b3fbdc First commit after refactoring 1 year ago