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  Benito Marcote c788e4dfdd Ww and Ho12m images 4 days ago
  Benito Marcote b721adc12a Updating Ww (12,30m) images 4 days ago
  Benito Marcote 46e580cb6f Update LBA ants, thanks to UTAS/CSIRO folks! 4 days ago
  Benito Marcote 00bbe14ed4 Mopra accronym updated from Mo to Mp 2 weeks ago
  Benito Marcote c6be270ce0 Source now supports the SkyCoord optional params 1 month ago
  Benito Marcote c13aee0908 Improved pytests 1 month ago
  Benito Marcote 7df24ae2f6 Fix docstring in thermal_noise function 1 month ago
  Benito Marcote 500a68e947 Extended dummy obs for profiling purposes 1 month ago
  Benito Marcote 4b96e35117 Ww 13-cm capabilities added 1 month ago
  Benito Marcote 4690a252fb Updated K-band SEFDs for eMERLIN telescopes 1 month ago
  Benito Marcote 11f952d1a1 Merge branch 'master' of https://github.com/bmarcote/vlbi_calculator 1 month ago
  Benito Marcote 94d953e0dd Avoid warning on non-raw docstr 1 month ago
  Benito Marcote f756d418e7 Separated pytest stations and data files 1 month ago
  BMarcote 4e35bb098f
Adding PYTHONENV so pytest works here 1 month ago
  Benito Marcote 5bbaee7a34 Bug Fix: new_inttime instead of new_bitsampling 1 month ago
  Benito Marcote a6074d1f57 Merge branch 'master' of https://github.com/bmarcote/vlbi_calculator 1 month ago
  Benito Marcote 37d633f55f Updating requirements (any new version allowed) 1 month ago
  BMarcote ae03421ce1
Adding Python App Action 1 month ago
  Benito Marcote ac70b9f84e L-band SEFD from O8 updated 1 month ago
  Benito Marcote 78953052ad Direct warning when data rate is not set in GUI 1 month ago
  Benito Marcote f225d17976 KVN and VERA max datarates updated 1 month ago
  Benito Marcote 08cddf29ea LBA at 2.5 cm (12 GHz) addition 1 month ago
  Benito Marcote e64580800c Fixed out-of-bounds bug in dirty maps 1 month ago
  Benito Marcote 1c56886aa7 VERA and KaVA added, Fix returned values when fail 1 month ago
  Benito Marcote 9b06d52076 VERA and KaVA added (stations and network) 1 month ago
  Benito Marcote 3534638cd0 Bug Fix: errors returning 15 instead of 14 elems 2 months ago
  Benito Marcote 5612983e30 Safer zero-value comparison 2 months ago
  Benito Marcote e01b906d67 Added a verbose log for unexpected errors 2 months ago
  Benito Marcote e15db8513c Extra sanity checks 2 months ago
  Benito Marcote d31c3b3ae3 Adding general Excep. catches in case of issues 2 months ago
  Benito Marcote c52f07e042 Cont of prev commit. Fix one user case 2 months ago
  Benito Marcote 87de19e31b Added check for wrong RA or DEC (e.g. >90) 2 months ago
  Benito Marcote 81bb41c3a1 Because prettiness is important 2 months ago
  Benito Marcote e98684f601 Including pytest for the stations and inp files 2 months ago
  Benito Marcote ea1846bb63 Adding checks on Station to guarantee valid values 2 months ago
  Benito Marcote 9a17013630 Recovered "updated" message when in other tabs 3 months ago
  Benito Marcote df0b8d8a31 Removing ARO12m from default EHT (wrong commit) 4 months ago
  Benito Marcote ff9866b82b Including ARO12m in default EHT 4 months ago
  BMarcote 57761f903c
Merge pull request #1 from bmarcote/dependabot/pip/jinja2-2.11.3 4 months ago
  Benito Marcote 23de3bfd57 New Station: ARO (Kitt Peak) 12m RT for EHT 4 months ago
  Benito Marcote 8b4ea772a6 Updated SEFD from GLT (3mm and now 1mm too) 4 months ago
  dependabot[bot] 24adbed9de
Bump jinja2 from 2.11.2 to 2.11.3 4 months ago
  Benito Marcote 36b6d9e998 Fix CSS issues in small windows 4 months ago
  Benito Marcote 36f4256e21 Parallelized figs. World Map added. Typo fixed 4 months ago
  Benito Marcote 332be3a8b3 Bug Fix: flipped (PA) synth beam in summary 4 months ago
  Benito Marcote 77b9ea02bb Bug fixes: PA in synth beam and FoV summary 4 months ago
  Benito Marcote 76622447d7 Dirty beam images added! 4 months ago
  Benito Marcote b79bca8686 Arecibo 12-m, SKA MID/MeerKAT single-dish added 4 months ago
  Benito Marcote 2ab4aa723a Dirty image, and test AO12m 4 months ago
  Benito Marcote 72ed5286d8 Note on smearing only applies with no further avg 4 months ago