The JIVE specific CASA tools j2ms2, tConvert (and possibly others)
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The suite of JIVE specific CASA(CORE) based tools for correlation post-processing:

  • j2ms2: a tool to convert output from various VLBI correlators used at JIVE to CASA MeasurementSet format
  • tConvert: a tool to export CASA MeasurementSet format data to FITS-IDI file(s)
  • jfilt/2bitVV: historic tools used for MarkIV hardware correlator output data. Not built by default, uncomment in apps/CMakeLists.txt if desired

Necessary dependencies:

  • casacore; the collection of C++ libraries for creating and handling MeasurementSet data files. git clone

  • VEX; V(LBI) EX(periment) file parser This is the VEX grammar extracted from the NASA FieldSystem code + code to extract fields from the parsed data structure into application usable variables. git clone [user@]

Both dependendencies are CMake-ified, just like this project.

After building & installing the dependencies, proceed as follows as per standard CMake practice:

Memorize the directory this file is in; hereafter called ${JIVE_CASA_ROOT}

$> mkdir /path/to/build/area
$> cd /path/to/build/area
#Invoke CMake:
$> cmake -DCASACORE_ROOT_DIR=/path/to/casacore \\
          -DVEX_ROOT_DIR=/path/to/vex \\
          -DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX=/where/you/want/these/installed \\
          [other cmake options] \\

$> make [-j NNN] [install]

[-j NNN] is optional, NNN is number of parallel compiles performed by make. On multicore systems speeds up compilation considerably

[install], if given, will build+install in one go, without it just build, useful if unsure code will actually compile.

After install your file system will be enriched with:

                       --- j2ms2, tConvert [, jfilt] [, 2bitVV]
                       --- {libUtilities, liblabels, libj2ms, libms2uvfitsimpl}.[so|a]