A suite of regression tests to help automate validation of new builds/features in j2ms2/tConvert/other tools

最後更新於 1 天之前

EVN Observation Planner. Helps you to plan a VLBI observation. Given a date, source coordinates, and a VLBI array, it will tell you when the source can be observed by each antenna, the reached rms noise level and resolution, among other details.

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最後更新於 4 天之前

This repository contains the documentation from the Support Scientists standard procedures (e.g. EVN Data Post-processing, NME guide, NME Report TeX template creation).

最後更新於 5 天之前

Collection of scripts and small programs used by the EVN Support Scientists at JIVE during the regular data processing of EVN observations.

最後更新於 2 週之前

bemmel / VO_notebookes
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This repository contains notebooks based on the Virtual Observatory example Python scripts from https://github.com/hendhd/hyantis/pysrc/

最後更新於 1 月之前

The JIVE specific CASA tools j2ms2, tConvert (and possibly others)

最後更新於 2 月之前

Locally maintained version of the FieldSystem VEX parser as separate project

最後更新於 3 月之前

bemmel / EVN_CASA_pipeline
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Development of the EVN pipeline in a Jupyter notebook environment, based on the CASA data processing.

最後更新於 4 月之前

The vbs tools - vbs_ls, vbs_rm, vbs_fs - for listing, removing and mounting vbs and Mark6 format scattered VLBI recordings on FlexBuff and Mark6 systems

最後更新於 6 月之前

A set of tools to verify the operation of the j2ms2 and tConvert programs

最後更新於 7 月之前

SEarch for Fringe-FindERS (for a given VLBI observation)

最後更新於 7 月之前

Python parser of a vex file keeping the comment lines.

最後更新於 7 月之前