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  Bob Eldering 01a54069c4 Update of SEFD values. 1 month ago
  Bob Eldering f5f7b14f22 Bug fix release for double timestamp and spectral line mode switching. 1 month ago
  Bob Eldering 2574be1f8e Reload cache files when switching between spectral line mode on/off. 1 month ago
  Bob Eldering f8f9dcb846 Interpolate method can have difficulties dealing with double timestamps, return an error to the user. 1 month ago
  Bob Eldering 577abd66c5 Multiple bug fixes, related to empty data sets. 6 months ago
  Bob Eldering 8c461f1a3f Bug fix: use the time range appointed to a station widget tab, when its data range is empty. 6 months ago
  Bob Eldering cd10b86e00 Bug fix: get_frequency_channels now has a time_range parameter. 6 months ago
  Bob Eldering 7711eb848a Bug fix release 6 months ago
  Bob Eldering 9f6c9f7e83 Fixed typo bug. 6 months ago
  Bob Eldering 8a306024b7 Add link to documentation in help. 6 months ago
  Bob Eldering 3081d10e26 Reference links to figures seems hard to do in markdown, removed them. 6 months ago
  Bob Eldering bf6497aee8 Removed all md in curly brackets as it doesn't seem to be interpreted. 6 months ago
  Bob Eldering e3e02cb69a Use relative path for all pictures. 6 months ago
  Bob Eldering 7a2b68e330 Test relative link. 6 months ago
  Bob Eldering 2b57ba2b2b Add first version of documentation. 6 months ago
  Bob Eldering d04d898057 Support multiple modes in the same experiment and multiple ANTAB headers in the same file. 6 months ago
  Bob Eldering 1ac7f8c2e7 Typo in documentation. 7 months ago
  Bob Eldering 22db60f311 Updated SEFD values for Km at 5 and 6 cm. 8 months ago
  Bob Eldering bac44d5b15 Make it clear what the argument to addfits is. 9 months ago
  Bob Eldering 3799b04bd8 Release for multiple FITS file sources option. 9 months ago
  Bob Eldering efb7004e25 Program has a gitea home now. 9 months ago
  Bob Eldering dc2eaac797 Added an option to specify more experiments to read FITS files for, the use case is eVLBI experiments where ANTAB files are for a whole run, but FITS files are split in multiple experiments. 9 months ago
  Bob Eldering 5c389504fa Removed double space. 9 months ago
  Bob Eldering 942b69d64c New release for spectral line. 10 months ago
  Bob Eldering 688e1dbf8e Add an option to write a second ANTAB file for spectral line experiments. 10 months ago
  Bob Eldering 6e1f30a5ac Minor new version, reducing FITS files read. 10 months ago
  Bob Eldering 796aadeb05 Only read _1_1.IDI* FITS files to reduces read times, other passes/phase centers should have the same data as relevant for antab_editor. 10 months ago
  Bob Eldering d6ee14f281 Reduce line length to 80. 10 months ago
  Bob Eldering 8d54097d93 New release for interpolate parameter. 1 year ago
  Bob Eldering b9d0935d1f Changed interpolate parameter after discussion with Benito. 1 year ago
  Bob Eldering 7239794be1 Bug fix, undo is set through the dataChanged signal. 1 year ago
  Bob Eldering fd1e4f7d17 Version increase. 1 year ago
  Bob Eldering ead6c46321 Expand from the minimum size of the widget i.o. the current size. 1 year ago
  Bob Eldering f0548137e5 File was missing from commit 6d15ba0506 1 year ago
  Bob Eldering 5e5ece9e66 Resize to an appropriate size of the screen the window is displayed on. 1 year ago
  Bob Eldering 6d15ba0506 Use FITS files to get determine unsampled scans and the frequency setup. 1 year ago
  Bob Eldering 2523439c1f Handle multiple GAIN lines in the antabfs file. 1 year ago
  Bob Eldering 09bd93bf7f Fixed typo in warnings message. 1 year ago
  Bob Eldering dd5a6d4578 Handle problems in POLY values a bit more gracefully. 1 year ago
  Bob Eldering c02991ea30 Fixed placeholder code with actual computation of frequency range. 1 year ago
  Bob Eldering 40c7a35d99 First commit, version 0.2.1 of antab editor. 1 year ago