Cloned from liveinterferometer at Adjusted for use in JIVE during outreach events
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Interferometry demo used at JIVE outreach events

Cloned from
Updated for use at JIVE during outreach events by IvB 31 May 2022

Uses Open CV image detection

Operating instructions
Requires pip3, python 3.8.3 and has been tested on MacOS 11.4
Install OpenCV on the MacBook pip3 install opencv-python
From the terminal launch this with python3

To include another image, first check its dimensions (number of pixels on each side). Then do:
python3 -i <image.jpg> --xsize <x-dimensions> --ysize <y-dimentions>
E.g.: python3 -i test.jpg --xsize 1280 --ysize 720
In case of an error, reduce the pixel size of the image and try again, this can require some fine tuning to get it right, especially with larger images.


  • The default Facetime camera on MacOS has device number 0, changed the default input to that, so this should work on Macs now. Not tested with an external camera.
  • Changed the display of the images to not show the input image
  • Fixed some indents which were not properpy done