Materials for the ERIS2022 VLBI tutorials
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Materials and instructions for the ERIS2022 VLBI tutorials


To get this repository on your machine, in your terminal type: git clone

These materials will be updated regularly. Each time you use them, make sure to type git pull command in the ERIS_VLBI directory created by the above clone command to ensure you have the latest version.


Required for the plenary VLBI tutorial/demo:
Python 3.8
CASA 6.5.1

Required for the advanced VLBI tutorial:
All of the above plus casavlbitools: git clone


Additional information:

Once you have updated your git repository, for the plenary session you will not need to download anything.

For the advanced tutorial:

Download the materials for part 1 from the DARA tutorial.

To use the casavlibtools set your PYTHONPATH variable to point to the directory where they are located. E.g.:
export $PYTHONPATH='/<path in your system>/casa-vlbi':$PYTHONPATH
or depending on your shell:
setenv $PYTHONPATH='/<path in your system>/casa-vlbi':$PYTHONPATH

This git repository contains:

This instruction file

In the Plenary folder:

  • flagged and partially calibrated VLBI observation
  • calibration tables for N14C3 Tsys and Gaincurve
  • script for the full processing of N14C3 in (comment the line importing the natsort module if you don't have that)

In the Advanced folder:

In the Difmap folder:

  • two UVF files to be used in the Advanced tutorial on Difmap
  • a Vagrantfile for those courageous enough to try to build their own Vagrant VM for Difmap
  • instructions on how to build your own Vagrant VM for Difmap

In the Presentations folder:

  • guess what, here are presentations, with and without notes